QIM 1.2.4 (FAT)

QIM allows you to create straightforward an installer for distributing any kind of file. You can build your own 68k, PPC or FAT installer application in a very simple way, choosing many features such as: compression, target processor, computer restarting, destination folder. The Built Installer can show your own logo in its main window as well as a scrolling styled “Read Me” text in its splash screen and also a scrolling styled help text. Both texts may have embedded Picts.
QIM is able to build single self-extracting installers and installers using external documents, for distributing your creations by using the media you want.
Even if you will never create an installer, QIM will be anyway useful: becoming the archiving application of your choice, since any single QIMDocument (QIMD) holds compressed items without limits.
QIM can also create compressed archives, BinHex and MacBinary files for a more convenient, free, world distribution. Last, but not least, QIM can create SEA applications.QIM is shareware, it costs less than a small utility and anyone should afford it.
QIM requires at least System 7 to run.
QIM is Internet Config, Drag Manager and Navigation Manager aware moreover it’s Appearance savvy. Balloons available.

Why to say more about QIM? Any technical analysis would be very prosy: you’d better try it, you will discover that it compress more than any other compressor.

What’s new in 1.2.4 version

  • Bug, in Navigation code, fixed.
  • Code optimized for better performances.
  • Improved Internet menu.
  • Bug, in Internet Menu, fixed.
  • Addresses update.
  • Removed registration form from About Box.
  • Added Registrations folder.
  • Added Support folder.
  • Minor changes.

Hardware and software requirements
QIM should work on any Macintosh using, at least, System 7. It’s accelerated for PowerPC. Whether you’ve Appearance Manager you may take advantage of it. The same for Navigation Manager. Some menu items may be disabled if you don’t have Internet Config 2.0 installed (only on PowerMac).