Witchdoctor Pro

Witchdoctor Pro 2.0.

Witchdoctor Pro is a program that allows the user to manipulate files in several way by means of plug-ins. It has three kind of plug-ins: Watcher (the plug-in that does everything), Resource Module (a plug-in containing resources) and Data Module (a plug-in containing data). You may create or modify plug-ins, quickly and easily using Witchdoctor Pro itself.
When you drag a file onto Witchdoctor Pro then you may select manually the plug-in that should work, or let Witchdoctor Pro choose the appropriate one. Moreover, Witchdoctor Pro may create Witchcrafts! Witchcrafts are 68K, PPC or FAT stand-alone applications containing a Watcher and, optionally, a Resource Module and a Data Module. As bonus Witchcrafts may contain custom About boxes.
Watchers and Witchcrafts can perform up to five series of actions and link together all series. Without wasting words here are some of stuff you may do by creating Watchers or Witchcrafts for Witchdoctor Pro:
Updater Applications with name and version checking. File’s Finder flag bits manipulation (stationery, locked, invisible and so on). Two ways or one way file conversion (Type, Creator, Finder Infos) between specified kind of files, example: you may create a Watcher for just swapping only between SimpleText files and SimpleText Read Only and vice versa. Simple Type, Creator and Name changing. Adding Data and Resource from Modules or remove resource forks. Another example: up until now in order to create self-extracting compressed archive, you need to open the document with whatever program goes with it, then save it as a self-extractor. Now instead, after you’ve created the appropriate plug-in, you can just drop the document on Witchdoctor Pro (or on the created Witchcraft), and it will output a self-extractor, and vice versa. File deletion. File launching. File launching by means of alternate applications. File duplication. File trashing. File copying. Alias creation. Internet Config post process.
And more…
In a few words plug-ins creation is limited only by your creativity. By using a bit of fantasy you may create plug-ins for (little) security erasing, or to launch a self-extracting archive after its creation, or to open all dragged files by using one alternate application, or to open any dragged file by using several alternate applications. And so on…Witchdoctor Pro is Internet Config and Navigation Manager aware, it’s Appearance Savvy and requires at least System Seven to run. Think different, use Witchdoctor Pro!

What’s new in 2.0.0 version

  • Ability to create updaters.
  • Watchers modification.
  • Data Modules.
  • ICName Post Process.
  • Version checking.
  • Name checking.
  • File renaming.
  • Windows position saving.
  • Better error checking.
  • Better error infos.
  • Better alerts.
  • Better dialogs.
  • Little bug, setting Alias bit, fixed.
  • Improved Internet menu.
  • Navigation Manager aware.
  • Improved Modal Dialog filters.
  • Linked with Internet Config 2.0.
  • Linked with MoreFiles 1.4.9.
  • Linked with Appearance SDK 1.04.
  • Recompiled with Interfaces-Libraries 3.3.
  • Recompiled by using the newest compiler.
  • Addresses update.
  • Code optimized for better performances.
  • New trial time term.
  • Better About box.
  • Removed registration form from About Box.
  • Added Registrations folder.
  • Added Support folder.
  • All code revisited.
  • Pro version.

Hardware and software requirements
Witchdoctor Pro should work on any Macintosh with a minimum of System 7. It’s accelerated for PowerPC. If you have the Appearance Manager and/or same the Navigation Manager, they will be taken advantage of. Some menu items may be disabled if you don’t have Internet Config 2.0 installed (only on PowerMac).