FileT&C Pro

FileT&C Pro 2.3.0

FileT&C Pro is an useful application for changing file type and/or creator… It’s very useful for normal desktop usage, but is really cool when works, fine, fast and in background, with a lot of files.Also it can scan, quickly, disks and folders looking for files to treat…FileT&C Pro is Internet Config aware and has a couple of options to change, according to name extension, following the Internet Config File Mapping: you may instruct it to change only files matching the File Mapping or just use your setting when there are no matches inside File Mapping. Naturally it may totally ignore Internet Config.
Internet Config has a great Database containing Types/Creators: FileT&C Pro allows you to use it, when you should insert a new Type/Creator. You may easily modify this Database…

FileT&C Pro has some useful hot keys for changing, on the fly and skipping any dialog, by using the preferred type/creator set in the preferences and for modifying the preferences before changing. You can also instruct it to ignore during its performance, some kind of files or to treat only some other specific types.
After all you may use the enclosed Contextual Menu Extension for asking FileT&C Pro to change your selection.

FileT&C Pro is Macintosh Drag and Drop and Navigation Manager aware, it’s Appearance savvy and requires at least System 7 to run.

What’s new in 2.3.0 version

  • Contextal Menu extension.
  • Types/Creators Database.
  • New About box.
  • Position saving for each window.
  • Improved desktop icon.
  • Internet Menu changed.
  • Better alerts.
  • Better error checking.
  • Linked with MoreFiles 1.5.
  • Better Appearance dialogs.
  • Recompiled by using the newest compiler.
  • Linked with Appearance SDK 1.04.
  • Recompiled with Interfaces-Libraries 3.3.
  • Code optimized for better performances.
  • Addresses update.
  • Removed registration form from About Box.
  • Added Registrations folder.
  • Added Support folder.
  • Navigation Manager aware.
  • Linked with Internet Config 2.0.2.
  • Pro version.

Hardware and software requirements
FileT&C Pro should work on any Macintosh with a minimum of System 7. It’s accelerated for PowerPC. If you have the Appearance Manager and/or same the Navigation Manager and/or same the Drag Manager, they will be taken advantage of. Some menu items may be disabled or some feature may be inactive if you don’t have Internet Config 2.0 installed (only on PowerMac).File