DocJet 1.3.2 (FAT)

DocJet is a wonderful utility for opening:

  • objects (files, applications, controls, folders, disks and so on),
  • groups of different objects by using specified applications,
  • specified kind of objects by using alternative applications,
  • specified kind of objects by using Internet Config’s Post Process setting.

The first option works by means of keystrokes, the second through dragging+keystrokes, the remaining by simple dragging. Naturally you may also work from within DocJet, by using buttons.
You may create a data base containing all entries you need then remove all aliases from desktop, leaving DocJet alone: it may supersede all af them!DocJet is Internet Config, Drag Manager and Navigation Manager aware, moreover it’s Appearance savvy. It requires at least System 7 to run.

What’s new in 1.3.2 version

  • The list shows now all “Post process” applications.
  • The list is now keyboard navigable.
  • Better list font.
  • Better memory partition.
  • About box position saving.
  • Moved “Post process” menu item.
  • Code optimized for better performances.
  • Improved Internet menu.
  • Addresses update.
  • Removed registration form from About Box.
  • Added Registrations folder.
  • Added Support folder.

Hardware and software requirements
DocJet should work on any Macintoshwith a minimum of System 7. It’s accelerated for PowerPC. If you have the Appearance Manager and/or same the Navigation Manager, they will be taken advantage of. Some menu items may be disabled if you don’t have Internet Config 2.0 installed (only on PowerMac).