AliasCrony 2.2.0 (FAT

AliasCrony is the ultimate alias manager. It has several features:

  • Since aliases of applications lose the capability to have files dropped on, when the original is on a different volume, AliasCrony can create SuperAlias, a new alias kind, having drag capability always active.
  • It can create aliases or SuperAliases and put them into specific predefined folders, when you’re using the Drag&Drop mode. From its menus, instead, you can select the destination folders by using a speedy way.
  • It can update aliases (also as SuperAliases) on the fly or else through its menus.
  • It can add, to aliases, some useful custom icon, freeing a bit of space on desktop (as before: you can add the custom icon on the fly or else by using the proper menu).
  • You may configure any action of above through preferences and change them with one keystroke before creating aliases or SuperAliases .
  • It can scan all on-line volumes to create lists of:
    • attached aliases,
    • unattached aliases,
    • aliases and originals on different volumes.
  • It can scan also individual folders-disks. The created lists return useful infos about the aliases found, moreover, from these lists, AliasCrony can do several actions:
    • retrieves and shows aliases and originals.
    • links/updates/deletes/moves aliases.
    • shows the Finder’s Info window, about aliases and originals.
    • updates aliases of applications to SuperAliases.
    • trashs the whole aliases list.

AliasCrony is Internet Config and Navigation Manager aware, Appearance Savvy and requires at least System Seven to run. What’s new in 2.2.0 version

  • More preset destination folders.
  • More infos on list windows.
  • Keyboard navigable lists.
  • Windows position saving.
  • Improved Internet menu.
  • Navigation Manager aware.
  • Improved Modal Dialog filters.
  • Linked with Internet Config 2.0.
  • Linked with MoreFiles 1.4.9.
  • Linked with Appearance SDK 1.03.
  • Recompiled with Interfaces-Libraries 3.2.
  • Recompiled by using the newest compiler.
  • Addresses update.
  • Better error checking.
  • Better error infos.
  • Better alerts.
  • Code optimized for better performances.
  • Removed registration form from About Box.
  • Added Registrations folder.
  • Added Support folder.
  • All code revisited.

Hardware and software requirements
AliasCrony should work on any Macintosh with a minimum of System 7. It’s accelerated for PowerPC. If you have the Appearance Manager and/or same the Navigation Manager, they will be taken advantage of. Some menu items may be disabled if you don’t have Internet Config 2.0 installed (only on PowerMac).